2 thoughts on “Parent Communication

  1. Please clarify that you are staying the expectation is for the students to return in person; although COVID-19 continues to fluid and cases in Tulsa is increasing daily, Schools were shut down in March and things weren’t as bad as it is now.
    I appreciate the precautions that you’ll are implementing in the building. Will the classroom and the Lunchroom be set up for Social distancing which is the recommendations of CDC.
    So is Distance learning not an option. I work in the Educational setting and I know it’s best for students to be in person to ensure learning continues to ensure educational gains. But Those gains can be obtained; but a life can not.
    What is the protocol if a staff or student gets COVID-19? I pray decisions are made according for the safety and health of all. We Love Deborah Browm Community and my Grandson is learning so much.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter
    Ms James


    1. As shared in the communication that was posted on the website, students will have their temperature checked daily prior to entering the building.   Social distancing will be maintained to the extent possible.

      As additional precautions are needed, rest assured that these will be implemented in a timely manner.  The communication also details recommended precautions for families.

      Thank you.


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