SB 658 Enrollment Requirement

DBCS will need a current up to date immunization record or a completed signed exemption form. Please contact Jennifer Manners at

The first section of the bill (amending 70 O.S. Section 1210.191) requires each school district in the state to post on its website and in any publications to parents regarding immunization requests/requirements, a statement with the following information: 

“For school enrollment, a parent or guardian shall provide one of the following:

1. Current, up-to-date immunization records; or

2. A completed and signed exemption form.”

We appreciate your cooperation. 

DBCS Administration

SB 658 is available for reading.

Oklahoma Immunization Regulations

Parents – how to Meet the School Requirements

Take one or more of the following to the school: 

  • A record of your child’s vaccinations, 
  • A record showing your child is in the process of receiving the required vaccines: 
    • Student’s must complete the vaccines on schedule, 
    • Obtain a schedule to complete the vaccines from your doctor or clinic and give a copy to the school, 
  • Apply for an exemption. 
    • Complete the exemption certificate (69k.pdf) and take it to the school.  Please note: Exemption certificates that are not properly completed or have missing information will not be approved and will be returned to the school for the parent to correct or complete.
    • County health departments and private doctors do not have exemption certificates.  
    • Parents are not required nor should they come to the Oklahoma State Department of Health to obtain an exemption certificate. 
  • Oklahoma law allows exemptions for medical, religious or personal reasons. 
  • There is no legal penalty for parents or guardians who obtain exemptions for these reasons. However, unvaccinated children are at greater risk of catching the diseases and might be excluded from school for the duration of a disease outbreak if one occurs. 
  • In the case of a disease outbreak in a school, representatives of the Oklahoma State Department of Health or local health department will visit the school, thoroughly review student immunization records, and make recommendations to the Commissioner of Health on whether or not students with exemptions should be excluded from school or school functions for the duration of the outbreak.
  • The Commissioner of Health has the authority to exclude students with exemptions from school for the duration of a disease outbreak. This decision is usually based on the risk of disease transmission in the facility. The risk of transmission depends on the characteristics of the particular disease and the potential number of susceptible people that could be exposed to the disease.
  • Students may have an exemption to one or more vaccines and receive the other vaccinations.  In this case a student may have an immunization record and an exemption certificate on file with the school. 

Schools send a copy of all exemption certificates to the Oklahoma State Department of Health Immunization Service for approval.  In the meantime, the child should be admitted to school.  All exemptions are reviewed and approved or disapproved by the Immunization Service.  Schools are then notified as to whether or not an exemption has been is approved.  When  a school receives notification that an exemption has not been approved, the school must notify the parent.  The parent must complete and submit another exemption certificate or present an immunization record in order for the child to continue to attend school.